Alexander Fichtl

M. Sc. (he/him)

Room: FMI 01.05.055
E-Mail: alexander.fichtl(AT)
Phone: -
Address: TUM - Fakultät für Informatik, Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching

Research interest

My research focuses on the potential of Knowledge Enhnaced Language Models (KELMs) and their role in the advancement of NLP and artificial intelligence as a whole. Apart from LLM modification and application, this includes the development and discussion of a concept of truthfulness that can be used in engineering science but is not under-complex philosophically/politically. Moreover, I am exploring methods to verify generated text and quantitative metrics for truthfulness. My research aims to make a contribution to the safe, ethical, and responsible use of LLMs.

Current research topics include:

  • Knowledge Enhanced Language Models
  • Adapter-based Modification of Language Models
  • Ethical AI
  • Philosophical Implications of LLMs

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Each semester, in collaboration with some of my colleagues, we offer advanced master-level practical courses for students motivated to get hands-on experience in XAI, NLP, and ML. In this courses you will team up with other participants and work on a concrete project that utilized or even tries to improve the current state of the art in the field. The projects last for the whole semester and each one will be under close supervision by either me or one of my colleagues. Groups supervised by me will meet on a (bi-)weekly basis to discuss the current state and the next steps. At the end of the semester, you will be presenting your findings and results as well as delivering your code and a brief "paper-like" report.

Each Semester:
Master Lab Course - Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing Applications (IN2016, IN4249) 
(10 ECTS) see on TUMOnline

If you're interested, it is always a good idea to contact the advisor/manager of your study program. Ask them if the courses are recognized for your master degree.

Supervision of Theses

I currently supervise several studens theses already and cannot offer additional topics. If these circumstances change, I will update this section of the website. Until then, please do not email me to ask for thesis offerings.