Jeremias Bohn


Room: FMI 01.05.055
E-Mail: jeremias.bohn(AT)
Phone: +49-89-289-18682
Address: TUM - Fakultät für Informatik, Boltzmannstr. 3, 85748 Garching

Research Interests

Freedom of speech is one of the highest goods of our democratic society. However, this freedom ends when defamation, slander and hate speech are used as means to discriminate and victimise people, which, e.g., played a crucial role in the propaganda system of the NS regime. In our modern era, hate speech primarily spreads over social networks, and it does so rapidly: Hateful "influencers" and bot nets reach large networks of people to spread rumours and misinformation, stirring up hatred against groups and individuals. To enforce the laws against such discrimination, social network platforms already look into methods to automatically detect hate. My own research focus lies on how emotional aspects influence hate speech and its spread over the internet, with a specific focus on the following topics:

  • detection of emotions in hateful online posts
  • emotional progression of multi-user discussions
  • correlations between hate speech posts on an emotional level
  • emotional profiles of hateful posters

Supervision of Theses

Please note: I have no further capacities for the upcoming summer term 2022. However, you may apply for a thesis for winter term 2022/23 if you are willing to wait for another semester.

If you are looking for a thesis or guided research topic and are motivated to work on a project related to my research interests, don't hesitate to contact me via email! Please attach your CV, Transcript of Records, and a short motivational statement (< 400 words). Before sending your application, please note the following:

  • I'm less interested in your grades, but rather want to know what courses you took, what projects you worked on, how motivated you are to do research on your own and your experience in NLP research (if any).
  • As I only have very limited capacities, please understand that I cannot offer a thesis to every interested student. However, I will try to answer your enquiries nevertheless, i.e. if you haven't heard from me, I am still deciding whether I can provide you a topic or not.
  • In general, I will not cooperate with companies you (want to) work at as this goes against my personal ethical codex of research. If you are only looking for a TUM advisor for an external (paid) thesis, please refrain from contacting me.


  • SoSe 22: Teaching Assistant ("Übungsleitung") for Computational Mathematics I: Linear Algebra (INHN0009)
  • WiSe 21/22: Teaching Assistant ("Übungsleitung") for Discrete Structures (INHN0004)
  • SoSe 21: Tutor for Linear Algebra for Informatics (MA0901)
  • WiSe 19/20: Tutor for Discrete Structures (IN0015), Tutor for Mathematical Preparatory Course
  • SoSe 19: Tutor for Linear Algebra for Informatics (MA0901)
  • WiSe 18/19: Tutor for Discrete Structures (IN0015), Tutor for Mathematical Preparatory Course
  • SoSe 18: Tutor for Linear Algebra for Informatics (MA0901)


  • Bohn, J., J. Fischbach, M. Schmitt, H. Schütze and A. Vogelsang (2021). ‘Semi-Automated Labeling of Requirement Datasets for Relation Extraction’. In: Proceedings of the 14th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora, pp. 40-45.